Winery and multi-century agritourism farm in Bergamo

When you arrive at the Tordela in the beauty of Torre de Roveri, you are struck by the wide and harmonious expanse of vineyards cultivated with love, precision, modern technology.
Thanks to these latest equipment, La Tordela is the only company in the province of Bergamo to harvest seventy percent in a totally mechanized way.

Entering the realm of green and wine is more than welcoming. You pass under a tunnel several hundred meters long made up of vine branches embraced each other just to form an unusual plant tunnel. A marvelous cabreo (handwritten and hand drawn map) dated March 30, 1790, exposed in plain sight, documents the centuries-old history of the company.

Enhanced, in the main body of the estate, by an unmistakable sixteenth-century arcade.
The wines products are many and all of great quality. The Valcalepio excel in the three types: Valcalepio bianco , Valcalepio rosso and Moscato passito .
La Tordela is bounded there, by a very suggestive row of tall cypress trees, straight and pointed like exclamation points reaching towards the sky.

Azienda Vitivinicola e Agrituristica La Tordela
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